A summer resort

Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds of nature, the wind in the trees. The gentle hum of the bees in the blossoming apple tree.

It’s not just you; the animals cooped up in their stables can hardly wait to storm out into the lush, green meadows and enjoy their first mouthfuls of fresh, spring grass – and for us, that means top-quality milk for excellent butter and cheese. I can’t wait!

Fancy spending an evening together around the BBQ or camp fire? And when shall we head out to the mountain pastures with our calves? The tame marmots love nuts above anything else, come on, let’s pay them a visit! We walk over the mountain pastures and watch the cows and mares with their foals. We find the first wild strawberries. They’re so delicious! And I’ve already guzzled down a few blueberries!

Wander through nature. The herbs growing at the edges of the meadows and woods are just waiting to be found.

If it’s hot, there are more than enough opportunities to take a cooling dip.

There are numerous mountain lakes, large and small waterfalls fed by bubbling springs with top-quality water, natural bio-systems with diverse and unique animal and plant life are just waiting to be discovered.

The Schladming Dachstein Summer Card allows you to use the cable cars free of charge, you can travel for free on the buses and use your own car on the toll roads. The ticket also includes free entry to the pools and lakes. The cost of this ticket, which allows free entry to over 100 top attractions and over 100 bonus activities, is included in the price of accommodation.

Climb your mountain, make it to the top, breathe in and take a look, happy and satisfied, at the mountains which span before you.

The Dachstein is a truly fascinating mountain range in the region between Styria, Salzburg and Upper Austria. The highlights for adults and children alike:

The Dachstein Skywalk and the Dachstein Ice palace

You can snowboard, ski, cross-country ski, climb, walk, climb mountains, paraglide or simply enjoy the view. Can you see the Grossglockner, Austria’s highest mountain?

Summer in the Snow!